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Wed, October 04, 2023
 Very Nice option
I am very happy with your service, and would like to continue sniping with you. Vipauction offers so many ways to pay and use your service, it is difficult to choose. But, it is nice to have options!!!
sindrellaOn June 16,2012
 Thanks Vipauction!!!
Very attractive auction item I've been watching, 2 hr meeting, auction ending right in the middle of it, found Vipauction, 1 mins to setup, 15 sec to list auction, Bingo! First time win, right off the bat! Thnx Vipauction!
sindrellaOn June 16,2012
 Best Service ever
I can't believe my luck. I have the worst, but Vipauction has changed it for me. It's almost as though chance has been taken out of the equation.I love the service and have shared it with a lot of people.
sindrellaOn June 16,2012
 Thanks for your service
Wow! I wasn't even aware of this service until a seller told me about it. You guys were the first on the search list and now I know why! I anxiously waited for it to work the first time and then my three auctions were won with no troubles! So easy and so awesome! LOVE IT! Thanks!
sindrellaOn June 16,2012
 nice service
I want to thank you for the timely and detailed explanation you have provided on this issue. Over the years I have been very happy with vipauction's service and have saved many, many dollars by sniping items, especially in the early years of the service. I will continue using your service.
AkonOn June 05,2012
 perfect site

I wish everything on the internet worked as well as vipauction. Some sites are getting too complex for their own good. vipauction does one thing, and it does it well. I hope you keep it that way, 'cause you can't get much better than PERFECT.

sindrellaOn June 15,2012
 Impressive service
I am very impressed and happy with the result of my first vipauction service. I won the item without having to stay up past midnight. Definitely, I will also refer this service to a friend. If it continues like this, there is no way I will be without vipauction for all my bids.
ChangOn June 05,2012
 Best service ever
Your system is BRILLIANT and I will DEFINITELY sign up with your service on an annual basis. I have done a great deal of buying over the last 2 weeks. It is well worth it and yours is by far the best sniping service - and I have tried most of them to my cost (having lost a ton of bids). Just wanted to let you know. Thank you for such a fantastic service. Kind regards.
VinnyOn June 05,2012
 Thank you
Hi, just a thank you for the quality service you provide, and to let you know that I recommend your vipauction to every customer that I deal with. I would also like to add a link to vipauction on my website when it is completed.
MartinOn June 05,2012