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Sat, December 09, 2023

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Panasonic KXFP205 Ultra-Compact  
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    Product Details

    The ultra-compact companion no desk should be without. The KXFP205 fax/copier helps you transmit important documents and make up to 20 copies at once. Reduce, enlarge, and collate functions help you make the most of your paper and present organized results. The included phone handset lets your make and take calls, with a Caller ID feature so you instantly know who's on the other line. From Panasonic.

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    Caller ID is a subscribed service. Contact your local telephone company for availability, details and costs.

    • Includes fax machine, telephone line cord, handset, handset cord, paper tray, paper support, starter ink film, A4 paper guide, instructions, and quick installation guide
    • Caller ID capability
    • One to 20 copies
    • Enlarge/reduce/collate functions
    • Measures 10"H x 12"L x 12"W
    • UL listed; 6-month Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
    • Made in Malaysia
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