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Sat, December 09, 2023
How it works

How does Vipauction work?

Bids cost $0.75 each and come in packs of 30, 50, 100, 250, and 500.
Pick an auction
We have an exciting variety of items to choose from. All of the items auctioned on our site are brand new!
Bid on an item
Each time you bid on an item, one bid will be deducted from your account and the auction price will increase by $0.10 (or $0.01 for penny auctions). Note that once you place a bid, it is considered "used" and will not be returned to you.
Name of item
You can click the name or the picture to get more info about the item.
Item picture
Auction timer (hh:mm:ss)
Shows how much longer the auction will be open. When the clock nears zero, each bid will add 20-30 seconds back to the clock to allow you or other bidders to respond.
Auction price
The price starts at zero and each bid increases it by 10 cents (or 1 cent for penny auctions).
Current highest bidder
Displays the most recent bidder. If you are the final bidder when the clock runs out, you win, and the item is yours for the final auction price!
Bid button
Click here to place a bid on the item.